Posted by Liz on November 12th, 2007 filed in Daily

Finally! I have a new pump which hasn’t got it as a mission to give me a headache and drive me insane! After visiting a different pet shop and talking to someone there about the problem I had with my aquarium and explaining about the not so helpful lady at the other shop, I regained hope that it could be an easy solution. She told me that surely the other shop should be able to provide a replacement pump to test out and that I should avoid the lady I had spoken to last time.

I then went back to the shop I bought the aquarium from and talked to a very helpful man. He thoroughly tested my pump, but as the problem is mainly when the pump is sat in its place in the aquarium he couldn’t see the problem. However, he gave me an identical pump to replace my current one and gave me some advice as to what other parts of the tank could cause different noises. With loads of anticipation I then went home to test it.

The first attempt didn’t go well. However, the sound I was getting was slightly different to what was coming from the old pump. After trying to adjust it slightly the noise was only half as bad and after another attempt it was suddenly peacefully quiet. My aquarium is back to normal and I should finally be able to sleep again. What a relief!

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