Meet Sid

Posted by Liz on November 22nd, 2007 filed in Daily

To cheer my sister up a bit and let the fishes have another playmate, my sister and I went to the store last Wednesday where she got to pick out a fish and then name it. I was unable to grant her the first wish as the fish she chose would not go together with my current fish or water conditions, so after a lot of “hmm”s and “I dunno”s, she finally chose something she liked. The fish is easy to recognise as its got a long tail at the back, and not the usual fin a fish would have. The decision on what name to choose was not as hard as the choice of fish as my sister adores the film Ice Age. Therefore the natural choice of the name for the new fish is: Sid. Here is a photo of him making friends with Nemo and Petra:

Sid - the fish

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