Winter is here

Posted by Liz on December 1st, 2007 filed in Daily

Yesterday I woke up to realise that Winter is upon us. The thin white blanket of snow outside removed the final bit of doubt and there is no longer any point of living in denial. Summer is gone, autumn has sneaked by and the year is drawing to an end. The cold mornings earlier in the week severed as a warning of what was about to happen. (I have also changed the wordpress theme here to reflect the season we have just entered.)

It is beautiful though, the first bit of winter. The peaceful blanket of undisturbed snow and the fresh cold smell. An evening after it has been snowing all day is my favourite part of the year. The dark night suddenly seems brighter and the street lamps gives the surroundings a special glow. It has to be more than a little bit of snow. About 15 centimeters is perfect. The sound of walking outside, looking at the beautiful white covered landscape and smelling winter. Especially beautiful if it is close to Christmas. Seeing the light glows in the windows and trees decorated with lights outdoors. Hopefully it will be a day like that close to Christmas this year.

These days with the fresh blanket of snow are magical and I wouldn’t trade if for anything. I am already looking forward to the first of these days this winter.

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