World AIDS day

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Awareness is important. AIDS and HIV do not only affect homosexuals and drug users as some people seem to believe. Nor is it only not an African disease. It exists in every continent and religions. Men, women and children all get it. It is assumed to have existed the past fifty years, even though it was not until the 80s that the first cases were discovered. Millions had died before it was discovered and many more since as there is no cure for it. Millions are affected and most of them live in South Africa. Economical conditions are important factors. Low income people seem to easier be exposed to the virus and because of the high numbers of affected citizens it will limit the country’s economic growth and therefore also its ability to fight AIDS. It’s an evil circle that it is hard to get out of and it is important that medications and spreading awareness is financed by other countries, institutions and organisations to help aid the country’s fight against AIDS. Important medications to decrease the mortality is not even available in all countries.

The best way to prevent this is to not be exposed to the virus. It spreads by sexual contact, infected body fluids (such as blood) and from mother to child by pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding. It does not spread by casual contact and it is not dangerous to have friends who are infected. False conceptions such as it only affects Africans, Homosexuals and drug users makes it more difficult to prevent exposures. Unfortunately there are also beliefs that open discussion of HIV and AIDS will lead to a higher rate of infected people. This is making it even more difficult to raise the awareness of how to prevent exposure. It is only by making people aware of how to get exposed and how to avoid the infection that this virus can be fought. Discrimination, rejection and avoidance will not cure AIDS.

If you’re interested in more information on AIDS then Wikipedia is a good resource. Put a red ribbon on your site to show your solidarity with HIV-positive and those living with AIDS. Today is World AIDS Day – help spread the awareness.

In solidarity with HIV-positive and those living with AIDS

I have made my own ribbon using an outline from Iddy Pixels. Please do not copy or save it without permission.

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  1. kali Says:

    i’d forgotten that i had a link to your blog. and now i see that you have been posting here more recently than at BTH sooo…. other than fish tanks and laptop problems (whatever possessed you to get vista!?!?!) what else have you been doing?

    i miss you (and T) and have been wondering and worrying about you

    huggggs, kali

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