Template saving error

Posted by Liz on March 28th, 2006 filed in Web Design

I tried to be good and update some pages in Dreamweaver this weekend. Unfortunately, Dreamweaver wanted it differently… When trying to save the template I got an error concerning the file_save.js file. On line 45 an exception throw in the native function had occurred. After leaving it for a couple of days due to lack of time, I did a quick search. When reading the first result, I remembered I’d had this error before: a cache problem. I read the fix, but it sounded more complicated than I’d done it the first time. So I decided to see how well my memory was and tried fix it from memory. Testing myself instead of looking for the other fix may not have been the brightest and most recommendable of ideas, but this time it worked. To fix it in windows xp, do the following:

First close down Dreamweaver. Then go to: My Computer => Local disk (C) => Documents & Settings => admin username => Application Data => Macromedia => Dreamweaver => Configuration => Site Cache. Select the folder name, .dws file name and .txt file name that matches the site you’re having problems with. Then delete them. Open Dreamweaver again and next when you try to save a template it will rebuild your cache and let you save the file.

Gotta love it when your memory works ;)

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