contact form added

August 7th, 2007

I have finally set up a separate contact page for this section of my site. It has previously been possible to post comments, use the order form, or other contact forms on the site, but I figured it was time for a separate contact form in case anyone has any enquires or comments etc. they would like to share…

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Now: 200 sigs in the shop!

August 6th, 2007

Long days at work and a much needed vacation has kept me busy lately and made me unable to update this site. However, I’ve finally had a little time to play! I have been busy and worked on a bigger update these past few days to get the current total up to 200 signatures! In addition to that, a new web set has been added in the Mindy Fae section. The signatures have been added to the following sections:

12 in dolls (there are now two doll sig pages)
3 in mindy fae
3 in twink fae

Enjoy 🙂

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New: Twink Fae

June 16th, 2007

I have been playing with some new tubes and added a new category to match: The Twink Fae is here! So far this category has 7 signatures, but there are more to come!

I have also added 2 new Mindy Fae sigs, so don’t forget to check out the Mindy Fae section as well!

Some signatures are nearly sold out, so if you’d like any of them, now may be a good time to have another look. Once they are sold out they will never return. Each sig will only be sold 7 times.

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New signatures

June 11th, 2007

So far today I’ve added 6 new signatures and there are more to come. This post will be updated with today’s latest stats of how many signatures have been added and where to, so keep checking back. So far I’ve added the following:

1 signature to bunnies
2 signatures to dolls
4 signatures to Mindy Fae (on page 3)

Some of the signatures are nearly sold out, so if you want any of them there may not be much time to think about it before they are gone 😉

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The signatures are only sold limited

May 17th, 2007

All the signatures, except those in the bargain bin, have been limited to 7 of each. Those that have already been sold also count towards this and I have added the amount sold by each tag. Some of them are soon sold out so if you want one of them, now is your chance. The current and future signatures are limited to 7 of each, unless otherwise stated.

I believe in limitation and uniqueness, that is why I have put a limitation on them. A signature is a lot more special if not everyone and their dust bunnies have one each as well.

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